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C’est la vie -that’s life!!!

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Yup that’s life , been lying dormant for a while now , you need at times to step back and look as things in a entirely new angle , dealing with the loses and learning from the mistakes, taking in life as it comes coz at times no matter what others say you have to learn it the hard way :)

The City of Palaces revisited

Well , its been a while since I have posted any thing , The bitty gritty of life , school work , net issues …. well its really non of these , just been taking time off . Now back at the city of Mysore to attend my Masters ( Jr ) class .

IMG_1752The Palace in different lighting


Onam Hol :Final shoot beach and sunset !!

To our amazement .. its started to rain .. and things weren’t looking up for us …though was a nice feel after being out in the sun at Aranmula and spray of rain would have been great … yes that is if it was a spray .. but no initially it was windy and down pour .

Shot from the car while Drs Anwar and Sudheer enjoys the rain …at the beach .


But then the most amazing thing happened ..I guess we were all praying silently inside that God gives us clear skies !! … for it stopped raining and this beautiful canvas of blue  and white  emerged ..with the sun rays cutting through the clouds .


Though there were occasional showers and we had to but our backs against rain to protect our camera …towards the evening as the sun went down … it was just one spectacular series of shots ….



IMG_9227-2Canon 60 D capturing the Nikon 600 D timelapsing the  the sunset …!!!


Dr .Anwar waiting patiently as the sun goes down !


The trio ! 3 amazing people .. unique in their own ways …learned so much in this trip !!

IMG_9251 Back on the road and rain !!.. passing through Alleppey town . This is were my trip comes to an end . I had to meet another friend at cochin the next day so  stayed over at friends place at Alleppey.

The best part about this trip was the experiences shared among all , a creative spree of learning opportunities and  not just about photography and techniques .. about my self and how much we still need to strive to be better people .

Onam Hols: Back to the road heading out to Alleppey

After the boat race we were back on the road moving towards Alleppey , Was beautiful country side and the light was just right .. some areas we stopped to take a few shots , some areas was just a quick shot through the window of the car itself!!


At one point Dr Sudheer stops the car and that when we all notice these guys basking in the sun …

Hope we make to the Alleppey beach in time for the sunset, below and rickshaw over a bridge


Always wanted to try this shot where the vehicle is just at the climp of the bridge  .!!! shot from the Car .. heading out to Alleppey .

Onam Hols: Aranmula Boat Race

Finally we were there ,after having a bit of ordeal with the cops for parking space .. we were there!!  and boy was it packed !! .. We found a nice spor for Nitin to shoot his videos and me and the good doctors positioned ourselves by monument , as we were a bit late :)  to arrive early to secure a spot in the gallery . But to think of it ours wasn’t a bad place , we got many shots and I kinda went around the whole place to see if there are any better ones ..but no ..ours was the best we could have had .


An rescue effort …

Well ..I have to admit ..and this could be because of our spot but ..the boat race is not like how u’d see it on screen where the cam can get really close , so after spending about a few hours and after Nitin gave us the signal that he too is done with his shots ….it was time to get him down !! :)

With the boat shots done …it was time to head back each to their own places …but .. not until we captured the sunset at the beach near alleppy on the way back !!

Onam Hols: heading out .. a small stop by the lake

The boat race wasn’t to begin by after noon and we were making good time so we decided to stop by a lake and shoot some more…


another interesting part about the whole trip was that we had our meals at local places .. and trust me they were good .


Shot from across the tea shop , the thing about living near the backwaters is that you got your very own wash pool by the road …sad part is that wish people were a bit more environment friendly :(


Divine Light …?



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