The +ve’s against the -ve’s

-ve vs +ve image

A few weeks back , over dinner a good friend of mine and I had a conversation about positive thoughts over  negative thoughts , he was going on about how two of his friends were just eating his ear about all the negativity they are having about their work place . Sadly its true after a while it can get to you , He asked me  how one  can   think  positively and keep negativity out of  life or work place . I’d say there are about hundreds of ways you can do it (  try googling it !!  : )  ) I’d say just as  how diverse we all are so are our thoughts, one persons’s approach  might not seem to work for another person , but never the less one can give each a try and stick to what works out best for him / her.

I dwelled in negativity quite a bit in the past years , for all that has happened in my past be it my own doing or having things done to me , I have to take responsibility for how I let it affect me, was not easy to come out of it but  would like to share a few things on how I took to tackling it .

# 1 YOUR MIND IS THE 1ST PLACE  TO START .…change it !! .. everything has to come from a change of mind , not easy to think about a +ve thought in a given ( mostly ) -ve situation  but if you can just about manage to have an open mind and come up with even the silliest of +ve thought in a -ve situation , then you can make the  rest fall into place  . In the beginning  you may need to  forcefully  change your train of thoughts , then after a while it becomes second nature . Trust me this not easy but once you cross that , you gotten half the way !

#2 SURROUND YOUR SELF WITH +VE PEOPLE :  This part is the 2nd most difficult part ( probably emotionally) . Every now and then you do come across those who just crib and whine about …. mostly  errr ….everything !! The most common way to battle this is to see if there are any one with a positive attitude around you , try to associate yourself with them more .Hang around , talk , share your thoughts , little by little things start to change , some of these people can actually help you turn the -ve thoughts in to +ve ones ! but keep in mind point  #1 – YOUR MIND

# 3 TACKLING THE -VE ONES : What about the negative ones  around you ? Do you just  Ignore, Ignore and Ignore ?. It is  easier when it’s  a stranger, you meet on the street but what about if its your close friend ? Family ? your colleague ? How can you just ignore them ? Before you  totally do  away with such people and ban them from your life  , you need to define to your needs against theirs , ask yourself what is it that you want – what are you here for ?  How is it that you are going to benefit from all this

During the conversation with my friend  I asked him what was he working for , off course !! money goes with out saying but what are the other things do we need to keep the cogs working and the wheels turning ? He came up with a list  of things ranging from learning graph to working atmosphere , now take all that see which ones are at top priority to you , in other words what would you give up something  to gain something else , at some places the pay might be great ,but you might doing a mundane job , another place  the working atmosphere is so great, but you really don’t get to learn much , its always one over the other ,Till you can strike a balance in all – that would be totally up to each individual .  Now getting back to how to handle the negativity that’s bombarding you from either side?

  1. List out what “YOUR ” purpose /reason  for working in your  field /industry /office  ( the reasons can be really spread out )
  2. See if you are able get attain or at least balance those  things  at your  work place.
  3. Know this,  that not everyone works for the same reason , and when your friends     complain / nags-  check out if their reason to be in the work place is the same as yours
  • if it is not – be happy that your getting what you want.
  • if yes – Don’t join the whine wagon!! – change your Job/ Company !!

 Let’s face it not everyone’s  got their dream job or ideal situation in life , just as diverse we all are in our thoughts and actions so are our life situations , Mine would be a bigger problem than yours and to you, yours would be the bigger issue – just the same-  as in how you’d deal with yours and how I’d deal with mine varies . The bottom line is the choice is ours in the way we deal with it .

My brother tried his world’s best to get me off my a** to get off negativity , but it didn’t happen till I actually made up mind to do it . I can’t stress enough on the 1st point “YOUR MIND”.   I know this is easier ‘read’ than done ! and there are more various techniques out there -try them out see what works best for you

– Good luck and  stay Happy:)




8 steps to Q ‘n E … Breakfast !!

Here is a  Quick ‘n Easy  breakfast in 8 steps

Step 1 :Set  up the ingredients !!  Rice Flakes , Peanuts , Bananas ( the small kind ) , Sugar ( to taste)


Step 2: Add in the peanuts to the Rice Flakes 02

Step 3: Add Sugar ( to taste )


Step 4: Pour in  warm water ( just enough to soak the rice flakes )


Step 5: Mix it in


Step 6: Take 2 more small bananas .


Step 7: and dice them up !



Step 8: Garnish with banana cuts ( get creative with it !!)  and a Quick and Easy  breakfast is served!!! …ENJOY !!


Please  excuse the picture quality, took all this  on the cell phone camera .

Its been 3 months…..buzy B or Lazy B ?

BuzyBee Or LazyBumWell its been 3 months since I have been able to put down anything out here ,  I could put it in two words and more  or less that would be ” Busy Bee” . But it just might be a little more than those two words ,  ok  ” Lazy Bum ???!!!” … errr..  not quite !  ..ok  may be a bit:) . But I have been away for most part of the days and the internet wasn’t readily available , so posting on a regular time just isn’t possible . I am on a break from teaching for the moment , under going some training in my former career  . It wasn’t until one of students put in private message asking about my absence basically from the world wide web , that I  realized its been sometime ( been really busy) , and off course also thanks to the many readers who have also private messaged me asking the same. It would take a while before I get back to regular posting .. but till then here is to all my friends / Readers …. I am still alive  and living ~~!!!  :)

Just one of those Sunday moments

You ever been in  a crack …;like a your whole life is a wall and  suddenly there is this crack in which you get stuck in , but strangely  you are moving and doing a lot of things but going no where , ….Hmmmm, its just about time to hit bed but  where did I get stuck moving forward ?? Let me rewind the day from the start

#1 Morning started out great , spend sometime in prayers . had  a good breakfast ( normally its anything that I can get done in a minute or two ) ….but took time to dice up the tomatoes in smaller portions before adding to my egg:) .

#2 Skipped  watched a cliche  movie (  aww soo predictable!! ) ..why did I even bother to watch !

#3 The Art fest is around the corner .. and need to get some things done

#4 Ohhh ,,almost for got , I have a interview to cover on Monday morning . Had to go to school to set up the back ground and lights for the shoot , in comes  my assistance , we both work together get the set up done in about 2 hours time

#5  While at school Art fest , the date things to plan , do .. many ideas , less time as always , any start to scout to see if I could use the junks at school to make an installation art …

#6 it almost lunch time and still figuring things out

#7 call up my cousin ( lives near by ) .. lunch at her place ?

#8 after prayers … head to her place , but looks like lunch will be late

#9 Late lunch but a real wonderful lunch , vegetable pulao and Geera Chicken curry !!  and waiting for the desert ( faluda! ) to set in …. I got to have the  recipe of the lunch  !

#10 Cousin showed some family pictures … felt a slight  silent pain from all the memories of having a family of my own – especially missing my kids

# 11 After noon prayers  , getting ready to head back home

#12 Opps.. for got to take down the recipe !! .. oh  also didn’t have the desert !😦

# 13 Try out a experiment involving white cement and broken pieces of glass .

#14 Experiment status : Failed ~! .. back to the old drawing board !

# 15 was online with my lil cousin .. dozed off in bed …..zzzzzzz

#16 WOKE up to dad’s call on cell .. talking about dinner plans and that everyone is ready to go and waiting  , jump out of bed .. its only 7  feeling crap of missing evening routine of talking with God .. and quickly getting ready .. rush over to my folks ..

#17 only to find out ….. no one expect dad is ready !!!

# 18 still sleepy .. waited around for every one to get ready for dinner . Cousins family came .. all jumped in the car .. .and vrooomm!

#19 Dinner place was packed !! ( sunday night family crowds ) .. waiting … waiting .. waiting ..

#20 Ah finally ..dinner table all set ..The waiter came to take our order

# 21 had a good dinner ..  talks , jokes , laughs and hidden yawns …( still sleepy not showing it )

# 22 Got back .. and thought about the whole day ,….

Did a lot of things today .. but ..what !! .. back to thoughts, art fest .. family …kids , my Sunday  ..thoughts revolving ..

.and what  have I done…. anything ?? .. time to get to bed !!  :P


Been a busy bee …an update

The last few days and weeks have been just  running from one thing to another , it almost seemed liked I was caught in a race where , things just evolved around getting tasks done regardless of what time of  day  or night it is , but I shouldn’t complain , things were getting bottled neck and certain things did require immediate attending to .Apart being art integrated learning facilitator at school I also handle photography and now video shoots too . So  with launch of our own Media Unit at the school where I presently work, had me pretty much tied up .

The making of the Media Unit …

Over the years we have emphasized reuse and recycle , when the idea for  media unit ( which would mainly focus short video clips )  was  on , it was  bit of challenge and at the same time interesting to make the light set up out of scrap . I had a great deal of help from the staff at the school but the initial work kicked off with the help of the Resident Assamese staff mainly Tarun and Naresh.

We got books carton boxes from the stores ( thank you Satyan Sir:) ) . then old net poles from the swimming and PE dept which gave shape to the light stands ,

we needed the poles to stand straight and not wobble  , so we had some concrete hollow bricks from last years renovation lying about that came in pretty handy for our base .Tarun checks if the pole will slip in to the hollow bricks hole . Then it had to be tied down or cemented , we went with cement


One thing about the media unit was that it had to be portable , we should be able to shoot at various places . so it had to be ‘make shift’ , so with the carton boxes covered with diffuse paper our very own soft boxes were done. Next was to find a suitable place for our test shoots . We decided the library for the reason it was one building away from the main school building that kept the noise down .

And finally on Nov’14th  it was set up and we did our 1st shoot , with Mr Abdul Latheef Naha – reporter from the daily newspaper  -HINDU  (who also inaugurated the media unit ) was interviewed by one of our students Aashi of Gr 8 .



The Science Project :

This was a last minute entry , the science project for the pair of Gr 5 girls Aysha and Ziya . When I heard about it , it seemed very interesting . Again it was recycle and reuse !! – This time it was to show the effects of a land slide and its causes.For this we need a mountain structure , yeah for sure mountain would be easy with plain mud , but it would turn too heavy to be moved or transported . So in came boxes , Styrofoam, and plastic bottles, one over the other fasten down with rubber adhesive fevicol SR . it took use sometime to build up the structure and initially our idea to cover it with a flex sheet and then cover the same with mud or clay – but it didn’t work out as planned the then we tried to cover the whole with a sheet of cloth – then shape the  structure  to finer bit  using clay


Getting the clay ready :

For these two young ones it was a fun time with their hands in the mud !!,  -as they kneaded hard mud to soften up – they were one pair which stayed on till the the very end

Now, to cover the cloth sheet with mud . As as we did it started to take shape of the mountain . Soon we were a team of 2 gr 5  students and 3 facilitators, shaping our mountain , While the girls and Mr Hameed worked as scouts to get appropriate materials to build the vegetation Suhail and myself , we worked on layout and shaping it and adding in the vegetation .

Finally it was a task in it self to transport it ..not coz of the weight but the size ..At the exhibition , they presented it well and did their best  . Though they didn’t get any position for it , but the little duo and their  science project made news in the Daily News Paper the very next day , there was a write up about their whole concept and the place where this had happened , and how this incident ( the land slide) was not to be forgotten and all . I guess the hard work paid off for all of us with that .  Hey the kids were happy that they got to be famous:) …I was glad the whole thing stayed all in one piece till the exhibition was over .:)



The two showed their appreciation by giving me and Suhail a “special treat !!! ” the next working day at school  ;)