A ride and Breakfast

Last week , still in the series of “Do something Different” , Called up my colleague for breakfast again !! :)  and this time it was a Ride out to eat at a totally new place :)



Among the morning rays across the mountains and the fields we finally find a small joint, with hot steaming “poratas”


Simple food , Simple place – Eating different to doing something different !!

Do something different ..

Do we all get bound by routine ..or is it just me ? I am sure its not just me . I don’t mind having a routine but it feels good when you break that and do something different for a change . Yesterday  morning , I had some time on my hands, the unsaid feeling or an urge to have a different routine in the morning was knocking on  me I guess .

The thought came to me while making breakfast, I thought about packing breakfast and having at school !! also  I have this  friend and colleague who stays occasionally at school as he lives far off . So packed in some sandwiches , sweetened rice flakes , and flask of black tea and headed out to school early . I had not informed my friend about this but it was good that he had not made any breakfast plans.

So by 8:00 we were munching away on sandwiches and sipping hot tea on the steps to the football field  in the  open air with  sun shinning just right  ( we been having heavy  rains lately), talking away on subjects , school and just having a nice time .


Left a bit of rice flakes for them ants too :) !!!!

Left a bit of rice flakes for them ants too :) !!!!

I noticed how different I felt yesterday through out the day.There was sense of constant energy , things that usually bothered me at the back of the mind didn’t . A fresh and very energetic feeling.  Breaking the routine at times really pushes your energy level . So my friends start your day ,have a different meal,  meet someone you usually won’t, take a different route to work..  …….. do something different !! and have a great time !!

My ride …treats and giving.

After my ” ( painful ) learning experience ” on how  to handle an electric cutter – my activities  were pretty much restricted. But its been two months and recovering good. I missed riding the most, I  hadn’t realized I missed  it was this much,  so yesterday was my 1st ride out with MARK 2 ( my Royal Enfield  350 ). I decided to take the long route to work, The experience was bliss, it really freshened me up.IMG_3933

This was also  clubbed with running an errand for my self that I had forgotten to do on the weekend. I usually sit with the students at lunch at school, and we have a lunch race, the kid who finishes up lunch before me,eating properly and not wasting any food  gets a gift from me  in the next class. So on the way picked up some treats for the 3 girls who had won the race last week.

There weren’t much bakery or candy stores open at that time so had to buy it from a general store, but got what I needed. Back in my room at school, wrapped it up and was ready for the  girls.

Darn !!  forgot to take  the kids pictures too….. ok  next time !

Pete – Animation

A very old Animation fished out recently from my back up files. I had recently got a computer table and a new monitor , so thought of turning the whole thing in to a character , Looking at it now ,there are so many things not working here , I even doubt if this was the final version , how ever , sure was a walk down sweet fond memory lane . I think the song is by Shaggy – just love the music !!