Positive Thoughts ..prepare well and wish hard.

I have heard that you can actually attract things that can happen to you  with your mind . Though I have tried it , I have failed many times to make it work , I think I probably wasn’t trying or wanting hard enough . This was a one of those topics that  my friend and I talked about  2 days before we attended our final test papers at the university … and yes ! we did try to positively think our way out to score for the test papers :) !!! . But I think whenever I tried  this out .. it always had an angle of suspicion or test , as in to test out whether theory works or not . Off course needless to say we need to prepare well also ( especially when it came to our final test papers for the exams :P ) .

As part of the  practical assignments we had to capture zoo animals living and doing basic stuff like eating and drinking as they would do in the wild but in captivity , this meant waiting around the lion’s area waiting for it to do something that it would do in the wild but behind closed fences . ( and it sure was a long wait ..I mean zoo animals they seem to have  lot of time on their hands !!  )


It was when saw an Indian Elephant eating away   I put this to use  ,  I told myself it would be just right if the elephant walked over to the cemented water tank to drink , I needed just that last shot to complete my set . I wanted it soo bad that I just kept on telling myself ” It’s gonna walk up there and drink water ” I must have repeated this a several times and like it heard me … it just slowly paced up there and put its trunk in to the tank and just kept drinking water for about good deal of minutes ,,more than enough for me to get several shots !!! .. I couldn’t believe it !! I actually made the elephant move ..or did I ? Was it just the right time at the right thought ? May be the elephant’s been eating for some time and its been thinking of drinking ..I am not sure,  but ,..yes certain things do work out , ..still in hope and prayers potts ….prepare well and wish/want  hard .

The Sun will Rise …..

IMG_3720Today, after the morning prayers , the preacher asked my about my family , I was quick change the topic to evade the question . Still finding it hard to come to terms with the losses over the recent years .

After listening to the friday sermon today , I thought about  a whole lot of things that had gone by in the past  ,  Closing my eyes I took stroll from the last few years to now , Sat there , thinking and contemplating , reflecting about life , the road its been on and the road its taking  Was nice to sit quietly for sometime and meditate on all things and feelings  around . As I sat there ,  the preacher who had talked to me in the morning came up and soon  we were in  a conversation . From him I came to know about his family , and  in the most short and very few words , I could see where he was coming from and how he has been battling his losses . I felt kinda embarrassed about the way  I evaded his question earlier  and how awkward that might have been for him . I continued to contemplate about the world around me .and .I realized

All that’s happened , whether I have a say in it or not

—has happened !

Thank you for all those who stood by me and thank you for all those who have not

—this helps me to differentiate who my real well wishers are .

Thank you for all those experiences that I have had – both good and bad

—it only helped me to find out more about me, my wrongs and my rights

 —and how strong I am  , how strong I need to be

I realized that there is better world out there , away from the all the negativity and sarcasm

— I just need to built it from my end and the rest will follow .

The sun always rises, whether is it among the clouds or behind a glass window pane

—I just need to open my eyes to see it .

For all the things that might have gone wrong in the past

—there is still hope for the future

Thank you for everything .

Please can you delete that thought from your head ? –Thank you !

An Veteran once told me  Memories are like fire ” It can warm you up and also leave you hurt if touched ” as a young man in my 20s then never really got it at that time , fast forward some more  years , now in my late 30’s I am starting to see what he meant .

Its interesting how we all keep those thoughts and memories alive , the happy ones in the front and bad ones at the back .

Has anyone ever been successful in trying to forget something consciously ?


You have a thought , it’s created ,  now try to forget or delete or remove that thought that was  initially there , like it never was there in your head /mind , try to do it consciously and it most probably never goes away , but leave it unchecked , not thought about , stuff more other thoughts over that one .. and it slowly fades away . Like energy – they say  can neither be created nor destroyed . A thought can be created but it can’t be destroyed . Even if you forget it , it’s just forgotten, not wiped clean – unless you bang you head somewhere and get amnesia off course !!  even then chances are you may get it back with the next bang !

Certain times a thought can just vanish in the blink of an eye .I experienced this when I looked at the question paper , for my recent  exams …suddenly there was nothing in my head ..where did all the answers go ???!!! :D , only to come back when we discuss the question paper after the exams!! )  Now where was all my answers hidden :P ???

So can we delete a thought in our head ?..still pondering …. I still can’t get this  thought out my head !!  :)

how far is right and how far is wrong

” I have lost complete confidence in you “

” We have nothing to talk about as we have nothing in common “

” We curse you for whats happened “

“You’re a cheat – you shouldn’t be allowed to come here or have dinner here  “

“You give satanic promises “

20150714_065551Let’s face it , over the growing years of our lives  , we all put our ears through some harsh  phrases that come our way . at times it about someone , but most of the  times it about ourselves , The fact is when people are emotional they say bad things ! Its natural ! Off course the holy books , the vedics and the beliefs say  another thing . Turn the other cheek , forgive and forget – right ?  But how far can all these be justified and branded as ” Natural emotions when  people are upset ”  We have definitely certain things that are right and wrong just as  black and white , but what about the grey area ? One man’s right  is another man’s wrong ? – its entirely subjective ?

 ” oh ! that’s his nature to bark at you , when he is mad “

and I am not definitely talking about your neighbor’s dog – may be the neighbor ;) …( smile ) . I was baffled at the fact that there are so many people getting away with this statement , while they abuse , falsify the truth , and get away with it on the account of ” That’s his nature ” .”.oh we all know him , he is like that – no use arguing” . I am not perfect I too have had times when I blow my top , but I have never ever gotten away with it , and I don’t expect others to be perfect . but seriously to let some one just come down on another person and walk away saying that’s the person’s nature ??

I guess the highest sort of spirituality is when you forgive and move on and how far is that really possible – Maybe it is and one day I too will be able to realize that …but I don’t think it’s today – So  for the time being …:P


In silent prayers and tears …hoping and waiting …. :)

Monday morning blues are on their way out ……

Monday  morning blues are on their way  out , feeling encouraged from a comment a fellow blogger made on the weekly photo challenge that I posted today  morning on you and melifecallsphotography.wordpress.com ,

I was getting ready for work when I saw the comment –  You know how it is on  monday mornings , especially after a long weekend as mentioned in my previous post last night we get one saturday off a month , the 2nd saturday .

“A few words of nice thoughts from another person  can really brighten up your day”.

Anyhow I went over to this persons site and wow ! amazing shots , I am feeling more encouraged from what I saw , a fine wonderful photographer as herself commented on my post ! also I see that I have long way to go . MFA ( photography has mostly been about theory side of photography  – but now I need to work my practicals :)

Please do visit  http://daysandmonths.com/ – kazg10

Weekend coming to an end

Ah .. the much awaited weekend is coming to an end , I had been longing for the second saturday as its a day off , other saturdays we have to work , Had soo much planned , was not able to execute all but most of it , but now its finally over another week of work , don’t get me wrong I do enjoy working but , after being on the road last week for practicals and assignment and then getting back , into the routine of work – there were just too many things to back on track with . And with a few things off the list its finally here  – sunday night !! .  What happened this weekend well


Groceries done – finally got the Rice pack I was looking for . There was these used notebooks of my nephew and niece , with a lot fresh  pages 20150711_174136on the inside .So decided to work on making a spiral book . pulled out and cut up the pages then took it to the local binder .


The person over there was multitasker , He did the book , while on the phone with potential and regular customers . Also was typing away on the PC .

Was at my cousin for ifthar – that was nice ..

and now to hit the bed …. good night Sunday …