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Writing with Light – Journal Day 4

“a time to ponder and look in….snacking and sleeping off course “

No pictures today  ,though I started my day with the same routine as the other days , got the news the lecturer is  down with food poisoning , and  had given us work on our Dissertation . So day 4 went off in discussions , discussions and discussions ..oh and a whole lot of snacking and sleeping ;) No photography done . Just closed shop on the clicks the entire day .

Writing with light – Journal Day 3

“Cameras ,Tripods , flashes and amazed eyes!!”

Last night was the Indian Festival “Shiv Rathri” , Where the Palace would be illuminated . Though my camera has captured this many times on many Sundays where the Palace would be lit the same way ,I still couldn’t resist , Apart from the photography point of view , its still a amazing  sight !!


One of my favorite try outs …cut the exposure so much that the Palace actually looks like drawn with lights !!


“A capture being captured”


“Frame with in a Frame “


Once the Palace lights where off , well then you have the eyes wonder to find those rare moments with people one of our batch mates with his tripod .


I could use this to teach the kids in my kindergarten class for shapes and colors !!



Calling it a day headed out for dinner at our usual place :)

Writing with Light -Journal- Day 2

Day 2 :

I walked up and met up with the rest of the gang and also the new beeies ! , Good old memories came back from last year as we shot  near the palace and tried shots as we all walked back .


Its been a long time since I have done some streaming light shots .I was looking  for a spot or a patch of light that was embedded in to the darkness or  more positively put a patch of light that emitted out of darkness .

At the of the gates of the  Palace :


Trying o

ut a stream light shot with fore ground in still ..well almost in still

“The stillness in Motion”


“The stroll back “


Writing with Light -Journal- Day 1

“A picture is never the same taken twice “

Back at the city of palaces for the last term of the course  . Same place same roads but the experiments still keep turning new things out Something I noticed was the hesitancy to take out the cam and shoot , was it familiarity “oh done that already , seen that already , framed that already …..”  or  was it the rapids in life that I am presently riding on what ever ,  need to break the ice!! .

So 1st day a stroll in to the  market place for some night shots .


A passion for the past…..not forgotten

Past is the past .. learn from it and move how many times have we heard that .Last Saturday as a part of a field trip from the school I work at , I was very fortunate to meet a person who has been living in the past for last 30 some years .


Mr. Rasheed an AC mechanic by profession and an electrical electronic tech guy owning his own business at a place called Nilambur Kerala ,   has been collecting a variety number antiques , currency , stamps and coins of the ages gone by .


Being interested in Photography the 1st exhibit an old obscura camera at the entrance caught my eye , the rest was walk down history lane :)


Exhibits displayed in front of Mr.Rasheed’s house .

With various antiques from different parts of the global right from the tools used for ploughing fields  to  old kerosene lamps used  in the olden days of Kerala to the water vessels used by the natives of Saudi Arabia , the exhibits was received with much interest from the students .

Among the old treasures from the past was a array of old aged technology ranging from old alarm clocks to telephones to old cameras ,a gramophone , AND a telephone that was used on aeroplanes !!


Explaining a round pot made from one stump of wood .

One could see the passion Mr Rasheed had for such things , He had been working as a AC mechanic in the middle east , and his job took him places in and around the middle east where he was able to collect a few of the Arabian antiques . Though his passion took wings to a large scale collection once he had a job and was earning he says his interest for such things had been there since he was young boy . As he loves to travel He collected most of exhibits from his travels .Some of the exhibits he had to  buy , some were gifted and given to him by people and friends who knew of his interests and passion .He says the best information he gets is by talking to old men and connecting their past or history with them

It wasn’t  just the antiques of vessels and wear and larger part of the area exhibited a much more larger part of world history with old aged documents , stamp papers , coins and currency , not just from around the world but also from different times gone by

The students of Silvermount International School had a brief yet a interesting insight to history and many faces where in aww as Mr Rasheed with his son Riyan and group of  his friends explained almost each and every thing displayed .

A few of the interesting things to note


Mr .Rasheed takes the facilitators on a last walk through his coin and currency exhibits .

Mr.Rasheed not only has the keen interest and passion but also has a in depth knowledge of the all collections he has and is ever more keen on imparting his knowledge on the history and back ground facts  with others  ,On talking about expanding to a larger area like opening up a museum , he has plans on opening a study and research center , where he believes to teach students about history through the coins and collections . Both the students and facilitators had a knowledgeable time and we wish him the very best .

I am posting his visiting card below in case any one needs to know more or contact him directly .


C’est la vie -that’s life!!!

429319_3340820085081_1406064250_5038365_1038269001_n (2)(1)

Yup that’s life , been lying dormant for a while now , you need at times to step back and look as things in a entirely new angle , dealing with the loses and learning from the mistakes, taking in life as it comes coz at times no matter what others say you have to learn it the hard way :)


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