Connecting with the old days ..

I have been kinda silent for a few days now , I was kinda busy connecting with my old animation days, and kinda getting my you tube channel going too. I have yet to figure out how I can post videos here WP  but I think I can get the URL here . It was nice  to walk down the road of the old days, some of the stuff I have  I keep thinking -” Did I do that ??? ” , The little walk down memory lane of animation has ignited a little spark in me to try to get those days back , so  I started with the bouncing ball and just to get the flames going also posted some of my old works ( very few- other production works have copyrights on it ) – not sure if I can post it here . The links of the ball bouncing exercises are below I still need to practice more Its been a long long time anyways – enjoy !


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